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Safety harness: 1.08kg

safety rope: 1.365kg

Total: 2.445kg/set



Safety Harness :
Webbing material: 100% polyester

Material of buckle: alloy steel

Back bearing ring material: alloy steel

Safety Rope:

Material of safety rope: high-strength polyester

Hook material: alloy steel

O-ring material: alloy steel



Safety Harness :
Product name: Full body safety harness

Ribbon width: 4.5cm

Ribbon thickness: 2mm

Certification: CE+ISO

Color: Black Bearing capacity: 100 kg

Product characteristics: High Strength

Material of back fixing plate: plastic
Safety Rope:
Total length of safety rope: 112cm

Hook opening diameter: 6.5cm

Hook length: 20cm

O-hook length: 10cm

O-hook material: alloy steel

Full Body Safety Harness-NK-024

SKU: 20
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