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Deposit Terms:

  • This £20 deposit will be used for cleaning or compensating for damages.
  • Upon return of the rented item, we will inspect for any stubborn dirt or damages.
  • If cleaned and undamaged, the deposit will be fully refunded within three days.


This Glass Fibre Platform Step Ladder with Handrails features a platform size of 40cm x 40cm and offers a variety of height options:

  • 3 tread ladder with a platform height of 0.87m
  • 5 tread ladder with a platform height of 1.43m
  • 6 tread ladder with a platform height of 1.7m
  • 8 tread ladder with a platform height of 2.28m
  • 10 tread ladder with a platform height of 2.85m
  • 12 tread ladder with a platform height of 3.5m These options cater to a range of work height requirements.



  1. Safety and Durability: Made of lightweight yet strong glass fibre material, this ladder is ideal for various work environments, especially electrical tasks due to its excellent insulation properties.

  2. Handrails and Platform: Equipped with handrails for extra support and balance, and a spacious platform for comfort and safety when working at heights.

  3. Versatility: Suitable for both commercial and domestic use, this ladder can be used for maintenance, decoration, cleaning, and more.



  • Platform Work: For maximum safety and comfort, it's advised to stand on the platform when working at heights.
  • Assistance When Needed: It's preferable to have someone assist you when using higher tread ladders for added stability and safety.
  • Weather Considerations: Avoid using the ladder in windy or adverse weather conditions to prevent instability and imbalance.


Overall, this ladder is a safe, reliable, and versatile choice for various height-based tasks.

Glass Fibre Platform Step Ladders With Handrails

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