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Tower frames with ladders.

Available in 2-rung to 5-rung configurations, single width frames, and double width frames, for selection.


ModelProduct name and specificationRetail
LBF-078220Vertical Ladder Base  Frame 0.78x2.2m72.00
LBF-140220Vertical Ladder Base  Frame 1.4mx2.2m80.00
LF-078200Vertical Ladder Frame 0.78x2.0m63.00
LF-140200Vertical Ladder Frame 1.4mx2.0m73.00
LF-078150Vertical Ladder Frame 0.78x1.5m49.00
LF-140150Vertical Ladder Frame 1.4mx1.5m56.00
LF-078100Vertical Ladder Frame 0.78x1.0m36.00
LF-140100Vertical Ladder Frame 1.4mx1.0m42.00


Ladder Frame

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