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Model Description:

SW = Single Width Frame, width of 0.78m

250 = Length of 2.5m

V = Vertical Ladder Frame

3.0 = Height of 3m

4.0 = Height of 4m

5.0 = Height of 5m

6.0 = Height of 6m

7.0 = Height of 7m

8.0 = Height of 8m


Product Information:

Please note that the platform length mentioned above refers to the total width of the scaffolding tower, rather than the actual working length. We recommend leaving a gap of 10-20 centimeters on either side for the actual working length. The height of the scaffolding tower is calculated from the ground up to the platform height, so please allow for the distance from your feet to the tips of your fingers when choosing the appropriate handrail height.

This aluminum alloy scaffolding tower is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and can accommodate up to two workers at a time. Assembly of the tower requires two experienced workers and comes with an assembly guide. When used on building sites or similar locations, you may be required to provide evidence of your qualifications to erect the tower to the site manager. Prior to assembly of the tower, a comprehensive risk assessment should be conducted and the stability of the ground should be ensured.

Additional Information:

If evenly distributed on the Double Width Tower, the maximum weight on the platform should not exceed 550kg (0.5 tonnes).
The maximum number of persons allowed on the working platform is two.
The maximum side load must not exceed 25kg.
Always use personal protective equipment when erecting the tower.



  • To ensure the stability of the tower and the safety of the user, the tower must be built on a firm and level ground.
  • Do not build the tower on any other object to compensate for an uneven ground.
  • Never use a ladder, prop or any other access equipment to gain additional height on the tower.
  • All parts listed in the manufacturer's parts list must be used to ensure that the tower has sufficient strength.
  • Never use the tower if it is damaged, dented, missing parts, or incompatible.
  • If parts are omitted, the tower may collapse or lack strength.
  • Never use the tower in strong winds.
  • Never move the tower during operation or when there are materials on the tower. The tower should not be moved in windy conditions.
  • If the tower needs to be moved to a new location, the height must be lowered to below 4 meters.
  • The tower can only be manually pushed or pulled from the base unit.
  • Maintain a distance from overhead power lines or obstacles.
  • If the use of outriggers is specified in the assembly guide, do not omit their use.
  • All pictures are for reference only, please check if the picture and the manufacturer's product are the same upon receiving the tower.
  • The dimensions and weight provided are just the parameters at the time of manufacture, and the tower may vary in dimension and weight due to usage.

Single Width Frame -SW-250V

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