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Deposit Terms:

  • This £20 deposit will be used for cleaning or compensating for damages.
  • Upon return of the rented item, we will inspect for any stubborn dirt or damages.
  • If cleaned and undamaged, the deposit will be fully refunded within three days.


Product Information:

Three platform height levels:

  1. Lowest at 900mm,
  2. second level at 1125mm,
  3. and the highest level at 1350mm.


Requires minimal maintenance:

  • Compact in size, easily passes through a standard single door.
  • Suitable for passenger elevators.
  • Can be set up by one person in just a minute.
  • Equipped with swivel castors with brakes.
  • Designed specifically for INDOOR use only.

Design & Specifications:

  • Folded dimensions: 460mm X 1000mm.
  • Opened dimensions: 1500mm X 1000mm.
  • Working Heights: 2900mm / 3125mm / 3350mm.
  • Platform Heights: 900mm / 1125mm / 1350mm.
  • Platform Size (Exterior): 650mm X 650mm.
  • Weight: 30kg.
  • Safe Working Load (S.W.L): 100kg.

Aluminium Foldable Mobile Tower

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