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Deposit Terms:

  • This £20 deposit will be used for cleaning or compensating for damages.
  • Upon return of the rented item, we will inspect for any stubborn dirt or damages.
  • If cleaned and undamaged, the deposit will be fully refunded within three days.


Product Information:

  • working height of 2.9m-3.9m.

  • Platform capacity of 120kg, for one person with tools.

  • No electrics, batteries, hydraulics.

  • No pumps, motors or any loose components.

  • Require minimum maintenance.

  • Compact dimensions, easily goes through a standard single doorway.

  • Fits into passenger lifts.

  • Platform simply elevated to desired height by a manual winch with built-in brake. Fail safe latches automatically lock the platform into position.

  • Set up by one person in just a minute.

  • Fitted with swivel castors with brakes.

  • Designed for INDOOR use only.


Before Use:

  • Check all components are functional before use.
  • Make sure the ground is firm and level.


Newly Designed & Specifications:

Working Height  :  2.9m-3.9m.

Platform Height : 1.9m.

Platform Size(Outside) : 0.63mX0.50m.

Safe Working Load (S.W.L) : 120kg.

Self Weight :120kg.


Mini Manual Telescopic Platform

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