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Product Information:

  • Maximum working height of 5.2m.
  • Platform capacity of 120kg, for one person with tools.
  • No electrics, batteries, hydraulics.
  • No pumps, motors or any loose components.
  • Require minimum maintenance.
  • Compact dimensions, easily goes through a standard single doorway.
  • Fits into passenger lifts.
  • Platform simply elevated to desired height by a manual winch with built-in brake.
  • Fail safe latches automatically lock the platform into position.
  • Latches at every 255mm to maximum height 3.2m.
  • Set up by one person in just a minute.
  • Fitted with swivel castors with brakes.
  • Designed for INDOOR use only.



  • Brand:Tele-sMart
  • Model:Tele-32
  • Max.Worklng Height:5.2m(17")
  • Max.Platform Height:3.2m(10'6")
  • Platform Size(Outside):0.59mX0.59m (23"X23")
  • Safe Working Load:120kg
  • Self Weight:120kg

* Max.Working Height=Max.Platform Height+2metres


Safety Instruction Of Manual Telescopic Platform:

  • This platform should be used in accordance with the instructions given in the manufacturer's
  • operation manual. Consult the manufacturer when necessary.
  • This platform should be regularly inspected, tested and properly maintained by a competent
  • person,in order to ensure it is in safe working condition.
  • This platform must be operated by trained, competent and authorized personnel over 18 years
  • of age.
  • Should something break, loosen or malfunction, stop work & isolate / tag / report it.
  • Check the clearances overhead, note any obstructions and electric power lines.
  • Safe Working Load, SWL: 120 kg (for ONE person with hand tools).
  • Operator must come down before platform relocation.
  • Apply all brakes on castors when use.
  • Ensure the stabilizers are applied.
  • Only use on firm and level ground.
  • Design for INDOOR use only.


Before Use:

  • Check all components are functional before use.
  • Make sure the ground is firm and level.


Instruction Of Manual Telescopic Platform:

  1. Apply all brakes on castors right after positioning.
  2. Lower the stabilizers & lock it.
  3. Adjust the stabilizers until all foot pads are in contact with the ground firmly. Check level before lift up.
  4. Turn the platform to upright position & lock it.
  5. Adjust the platform to the required height by the manual winch, without any person or load on the platform.
  6. Make sure the safety latch has automatically locked the platform into position.
  7. Climb up & down to the platform with care do not overload (S.W.L.120kg).
  8. Lift up the safety latch(RED) at the back when lowering.

Manual Telescopic Platform

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