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Scaffold Tower and Platform
for Hire

SP Global Ltd

At SP Global Limited, we specialise in the HIRE and SALE of aluminium towers, offering tailored services to meet the specific needs of our clients. Additionally, we offer HIRE and SALES of manual lift platforms, and invite those interested to experience these firsthand at our Blackpool warehouse.

By utilising our aluminium towers and platforms, available for both sale and hire, you will benefit from our extensive expertise in this field. We offer a variety of high-quality products suitable for a wide range of applications. Additionally, our towers are constructed from an aluminium alloy frame, ensuring they are both lightweight and robust, providing optimal stability and safety.

Moreover, we are the proud agents of the SUNRISE EBIKE brand, bringing to you an array of the latest and finest quality electric bicycles.

Should you are interested in our products and services, and wish to learn more about our aluminium tower products, or have any other enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to serve you!

Our company specializes in providing rental services for aluminium scaffolding towers and manual lifting platforms. We pride ourselves on offering high-quality equipment at unbeatable prices. Our services cover the Northwest region of the UK.

Our scaffolding towers and lifting platforms are versatile and suitable for a wide range of projects, both indoors and outdoors. Once you place an order, we'll deliver to your designated location promptly, and free of charge.


Our Products & Services

We are committed to continually expanding our product range.

When might you need to use our services?

Whenever someone is working at a height,

When the ceiling is too high,

When you want to save on scaffolding costs,

When traditional scaffolding is not suitable,

When the project requires multiple daily setups and teardowns,

Or simply when you think of us,

Our services may be needed.

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Why us?

Unbeatable prices

Professional and reliable services

Wide range of options and accessories

Ensure your workers can work safely at height. Get your working platform for your next project from SP Global.

How much does it cost to rent scaffolding?

At SP Global Ltd, transparency is key. We proudly display our scaffolding towers rental prices on our website for all to see. We understand that affordability shouldn't compromise quality, which is why we strive to provide top-notch scaffolding tower at a fair price. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in our efforts to ensure that our clients receive the best possible service, and we hope that they will help us spread the word about our exceptional products and services.

Scaffolding tower

Ready to get affordable and high quality scaffolding towers for your next construction project? Rent scaffolding towers today.

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